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Blue Thorn Inc provides consulting services to government, providers, health plans, the pharmaceutical industry, professional organizations, academia, and IT/solution and diagnostics companies  to move toward viable VBC  and payment models. Key areas of expertise include delivery system transformation, benefit and health policy redesign, successful medication management optimization and cost reduction, effective use of diagnostics, and physician/team clinical model execution risk strategy.

Clients may need an "independent" advisor to review and help validate or question recommendations of consulting firms or vendor partner capabilities that represent major financial and execution risks. Blue Thorn Inc can be that extra set of eyes and provide a "sniff test" - at very low cost- to help uncover factors - that gap between what looks perfect and is actually "doable" for a particular organization.  

An avid national speaker- Dr. McInnis has presented or keynoted for over 100 organizations- please see her speakers bio for a listing of topics and events and would love to engage with your organization.

As President and Founder of Blue Thorn Inc, Dr. McInnis brings over 30 years of unique provider, major employer payer, Medical Director, pharmaceutical industry, and policy expertise as a strategist, advisor, and national speaker on PCMH/ACO movement, coordinated care, and health policy and reform efforts. 

As one physician stated: "This is the first time I have really understood what an ACO is and what all this healthcare reform talk means to me - thanks.

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